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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 4, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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-- captions by vitac -- coliseum. good sunday evening. i'm diane dwyer. in the east bay some 50,000 people are gathered in downtown oak lchbd tonight for gay pride events. this is the second consecutive year for the event in oakland after a hiatus of six years. kntv's -- >> reporter: let me tell you, the party is not dying down here. if you look behind me you can see how many people are still here celebrating diversity. this is the second year of pride. as you mentioned, oakland was without it for six years.
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it was canceled in part because it overhappened with the art and soul festival. event organizers say oakland pride is compared more to families than those in san francisco and this year there's even more to celebrate. they say oakland has the third highest rate of same sex couples after seattle and san francisco. nearly 1,000 live in berkeley, attendees say they are not surprised that oakland is home to so many gay families. >> so many people in san francisco migrate to the east bay because of wanting to get a cheaper place to live and get more bang for their buck. >> you get to see people you haven't seen, whereas the one in the city which i love i used to go to, it's gotten too big, too crowded, too commercial. and here there's room to walk around. people are friendly. it feels more community. >> reporter: and with so many people from the community here, a lot of money is generated from
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this event. officials say pride will dump around $1.1 million back into the local economy. and organizers tell me they are hoping to double the attendance here from last year. live in oakland tonight, louis kirschner. with the anniversary of september 11th next week and all the natural disaster across the globe this year, it's an opportunity, officials say, to remind people how to be prepared. turns out september is also designated national preparedness month. kimberly terri is in pal low al toe with more on that. hello, kimberly. >> reporter: hello, diane. according to a new survey, 64% of americans are not prepared for when an emergency or disaster strikes. as you just mentioned, september is national emergency preparedness month, federal, state, local officials urging families to have a plan in place
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should disaster strike. this year we were hit by a tsunami, had minor flooding, earthquakes. officials say should this happen on a much larger scale families need to be prepared to survive without any help for at least three days. in conjunction with the month-long celebration, today a national preparedness day was held in palo al toe organized by a local high school senior who says she was motivated after seeing the numbers on just how few people are actually prepared. she set up a table at city hall today where the public could get more information on how and why it's important to be ready for a natural disaster. >> we decided that we would mainly target our efforts towards youth because we believe that since we are youth we really can reach out and affect those people who are close to us in age, and that they hopefully in turn will go back home and talk to their parents and convince them that they really need to get on preparing for a disaster. >> reporter: firefighters from palo al toe were also on stand today to provide information.
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they are urging residents to create emergency kits which of course include water and nonperishable foods. enough for each person in your household for survive forat least three days. a lot of these things are of course things people have around their homes. it's just a matter of getting them all together and making sure you have them should a disaster strike. live in the palo al toe this evening, kimberly terri, kntv -- are still trying to recover from the aftermath or a natural emergency. this weekend the thousands of people who came for the city's begonia festival were a welcome sight. it's been five months since flooding caused members of dollars of damages to businesses in capitola. that left business owners desperate to draw in more tourists. >> capitola has been through
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some tough times this year. march gave us a tsunami and two floods that were really devastating. >> organizers say they deliberately don't have vendors at the begonia festival in order to encourage visitors to walk around, shop and eat. in capitola village. the four-day event continues through monday storms are causing all kinds of damage on the east coast and gulf coast as well. and last weekend hurricane irene created widespread flooding in the northeastern part of the country. now we've got tropical storm lee making landfall. lee kick up waves early this morning as the slow-moving storm dumped about a foot of rain on the gulf coast, spreading fears of flooding for the low-lying areas from from louisiana to mississippi. in several small communities along the louisiana's bayous those fierce came through. heavy rainfall has been testing the new orleans levee system and water pumps since friday as well. >> movement of rain water, it's been right up there with the
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hurricanes. and that's been the challenge. just because it's been slow, it does not mean it's over. there is still potential for rain bands to drop heavy rain in a short period of time. >> tropical storm lee is expected to dissipate through the start of the week as it moves further inland. president obama visited paterson, new jersey today. the town was hit hard by hurricane irene last weekend. nbc's brian moore has a look at what the president had to say today about federal aid as well as his jobs package. >> reporter: in new jersey, president obama got an up-close view of the damage left behind by hurricane irene. and he made a promise to residents. >> we're going to do everything we can to help. >> reporter: but this community was treading water even before the flood hit. swamped by the kind of high unemployment the president will be targeting this coming week as he unvaims his new jobs plan. or as republicans point out, his latest jobs plan. >> i think what i've heard the president is going to talk about
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thursday night is more of the same. and frankly, i'm so tired of his speeches, it's going to be hard for me to watch. >> reporter: this past week brought the disheartening news that economy created zero new jobs in august. no growth and no relief in the nation's 9.1% unemployment rate. the president has plenty of nay sayers in his own party who worry his plan won't be bold enough. >> i'm talking about a program of $1 trillion or more. we've got to put americans to work. that's the only way to revitalize this economy. >> reporter: but if the president's plan is too bold, it won't pass. brian moore, nbc news, washington. coming up next at 6:00, former students of one bay area culinary academy are serving school administrators a bitter dish. a $40 million lawsuit. we'll explain that. plus as investigators learn more about that pipeline explosion in cupertino this past week, pge is on the defensive
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hundreds of former culinary students in san francisco could get thousands of dollars back on their tuition. the students are suing san francisco's california culinary academy for misleading them about job prospects after graduation. the food industry's often cutthroat, and many graduates are not only struggling to find work but struggling to pay off hefty loans. under a pending $40 million settlement, the school's parent company has agreed to offer rebates of up to $20,000 per student. 8500 students who attended the academy between 2003 and 2008 are eligible. a gas explosion in cupertino
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is raising more questions tonight. now that we're learning the pge pipe in question was made from a material that had a history of failure. the mercury news reports that pipe responsible for wednesday's blast at a condo complex was made of a specific material which was the subject of at least two federal safety advisories, a number of lawsuits, and accidents across the nation in the past ten years. pge plans to remove all 6,000 feet of the pipe at the condo complex in the town and also plans to begin a review of more than 1200 miles of the same type of pipe across the state. by the way, no one was hurt in the blast which happened just after the people who lived there had left for lunch. pge news under fire for the deadly san bruno pipeline fire that happened last week. we'll be airing a special report. san bruno remembrance and recovery. that will be at 4:00 this coming friday and still to come at 6:00 tonight.
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>> when i walk in the door they think, oh, what's he going to think of next? >> from cutting-edge gadgets to grilled cheese? the bay area entrepreneur who, it seems, does it all. plus the big plans in the works for toll lanes in th bay area. >> and a strengthened sea breeze kind of leading to a cool evening around the bay area. 59 in oakland, 58 san francisco 70 san jose. but the seven-day forecast is s back tonl iand valleys. we'll show you that when we come back. i
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we're learning tonight that a soldier from the bay area died this week in new york.
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24-year-old kevin schumaker from liver middle school was diagnosed with rabies on august 19th and died in the hospital on wednesday. it's believed he contracted rabies from a dog that bit him while he was in afghanistan. schumaker returned from a year tour in afghanistan in may. he was serving as an army cook. san francisco's newest restaurant is dishing up a simple sand wish with a side of tech savvy. kntv scott blevin has the story. >> reporter: entrepreneurs going in different direction. from the success of the flip camera to grilled cheese sandwi sandwiches. here's the layest bay area success story. it's got big crowds, fast-moving workforce, and a hot product. but it's not a tech company, not exactly. it's a grilled cheese restaurant called "the member". >> one of the things we tried to do really was take technology
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and make it part of the consumer experience. >> reporter: that's jonathan kaplan who sold his previous company, flip camera, to cisco systems for $590 million. now he's convinced silicon valley venture capitalists to fund something far more cheesy. >> i think they're used to my crazy ideas. so this is my fourth start up in the valley. when i walk in the door they think, what's he going to think of next? but even with that, i don't think they thought i was going to say let's do a grilled cheese and soup restaurant. but here we are. >> reporter: you can preorder your meal on a phone app then check in and pick it up. but is $8 a pop too thick? >> it just melts in your mouth! it's delicious, yes. i like it. >> is it worth $8? >> but it's good. it tastes fabulous. and is it worth $8? compared to the prices on this street, maybe. >> reporter: and what's with grilled cheese?
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just blocks away, another san francisco cheese sandwich shop, the american grilled cheese kitchen. >> i feel like it's a nostalgic american food. we've had pizza and there's lots of pizza restaurants out there. we've got burritos but no one's done in the grilled cheese space really in a chain environment. >> reporter: kaplan has plans to grow. but first there's a long line of customers to please. one store now, four planned by thanksgiving. in san francisco, scott budman, nbc, bay area news. >> all right. well, drivers could soon see more toll lanes while traveling around the bay area but not quite as many as previously planned. the metropolitan transportation commission plans to seek state approval to expand the network of so-called express lanes or car pool lanes open to drivers who pay a toll. agency leaders are asking the state for permission to install nearly 300 miles of express lanes on interstates 80, 680 and 880 with 150 miles of the system
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using converted car pool laneses, that's down from the original plan to install 500 miles of new toll lanes. plus 300 miles already authorized and under construction in the east bay and south bay. and now only a 14-mile stretch of southbound 680 has anexpress lane and about 1500 vehicles use that each day. confused? there's a lot of numbers in there. their toll on average just under $3 during the morning commute on that southbound 680. okay. meteorologist rob mayeda checking in on the weather for us. >> ready for some more numbers? 60s, 70s around 80s around the bay area. our numbers came down around san jose and the inner bay. 74 in san jose. 80s around morgan hill, 85 degrees in leavenworth, 85 santa cruz. oakland to san francisco, another cool day only in the 60s. but further inland, san ramon out to fairfield gorgeous sunday afternoon. a little breezy at times. we did see the numbers in the
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mid 80s. right now we have a strong sea breeze which is making for a cool evening. so jacket weather no matter where you are from the santa clara valley towards wine country. we're in the 60s to near 70 right now. good sea breeze blowing through the bay area will pump in the clouds again. marine layer close to around 1700 feet thick. maybe around the inner east bay we'll see more morning drizzle for tomorrow morning. the afternoon like today, sunshine inland looking good. 70s and 80s inland. then i really think starting tuesday and wednesday, inland east bay valleys south around morgan hill will likely see the highs climbing into the mid 90s. air quality good except for the santa clara valley. we typically see that ground level ozone concentration increase in some of our inland valleys. moderate for san jose southward for tomorrow. tropical storm lee made landfall overnight plouffing across new orleans. you can seat system pulling in a lot of moisture out of the south right across the gulf coast.
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the other storm we're watching is hurricane katia which we still think is going to miss the east coast, hopefully what's left here as tropical storm lee helps to pusht system offshore. we'll be watching that thursday and friday. for us you can see thunder in the nearby mountains. we'll watch the mountains to the south of us and to the north of mendocino county. afternoon sunshine. this pattern will repeat monday into tuesday. the difference will be less low cloud come tuesday and the temperatures will start to come on up toward the middle of the week. lows in the 50s tonight. tomorrow's highs will be climbing pretty much the same range we had today which i do think means we'll see numbers in the 70s and 80s inland as we head through the afternoon. but the coast again staying cool. 73 degrees in santa cruz as we wrap up labor day weekend. mess an pleasant ton closer to 90s. half moon bay with low cloud and drizzle for the morning. east bay temperatures toward concord talking 780s -- 80s
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again. 70s and 80s through monday afternoon. seven-day forecast as we get out of labor day weekend we'll see those numbers inland in the 90s. it's going to warm up. we'll have to watch for mountain thunder along the coastal range over the next couple of days and approaching next weekend. >> i have to say i like those numbers a lot. thank you, rob coming up, scientists may find a way to kill cancer cel ls without killing the healthy cells around them. we'll show you how it works.
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a team of swiss researchers has reportedly developed a biological computer network that could destroy cancer cells. the researchers claim this network can be used to identify and kill only the cancer cells while leaving healthy cells untouched. one of the researchers from zurich has spent a large part of his career developing biological computers that operate in living cells.
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>> it's like a box for five or six buttons. each button has to be pressed in order for the response for something that kills the cell to happen. >> researchers say the technology is highly precise, and they hope it can serve as a basis for cancer treatments in the near future. now for a look at what's coming up with sports we check in with damon andrews on comcast sportsnet. hello, damon. >> hey, diane. huge game at king and third today with the giants post-season hopes hanging in the balance. are the playoffs still in sight orldsee orange and black and tri?esle itm ofepeating a world series title? ea
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we've got to ask the question, are the giants playing baseball or hokey pokey as they continue to put their left foot in and take their left foot out of the playoffs race against the arizona diamondbacks. today the finale' of the three-game set against arizona. playoff hopes are now fading fast. giants tried to take two of three from arizona. jamie syer getting hugged. bottom of the first scoreless game. cody ross leading off with the giants and teague off cody with the hop skip and a jump off daniel hudson. 1-0 giants. things looking good until the eighth. same score. ryan roberts facing ryan vogelsong. that one's not coming back that. ties the game at one apiece. but the damage was not yet done. still in the eighth ramon ramirez now in, willie bloomquist. that's not good. that's a triple. scoring two. arizona takes a 3-1 lead.
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diamond baksz win 4-1. extending their division league to seven gaimts games. jamie syer has more. >> reporter: a leadoff home run by cody ross seemed to have the makings of a series win for san francisco. but after that the bats fell silent and so did the giants clubhouse after the game. >> they're a good team. ner first place for a reason. at the same time i like our pitching staff against anyone. but 1-0 is scary against a scrappy team like them. and they were able to put that big four spot on the board. and that becomes almost insurmountable at that point the way we've been doing. >> definitely it didn't go how we wanted. the first game was great. we came out with a lot of energy. and then yesterday kennedy shut us down. and then today hudson shut us down. two pretty good pitchers. they beat two of our best. so at some point you've got to give them credit. >> we know we're running out of
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time. there's no question about that. and this was i thought critical that we take the series. we all know it. we didn't. so now we head down to san diego and we're still breathing. or we're hanging by a thread. i'd say. so so we've got to come out fighting. >> reporter: when asked what the mindset is now as the team heads to san diego, ryan vogelsong said to win every game from here on out. at at&t park, i'm jamie syer for nbc bay area as looking for their first sweep since june hosting seattle on breast cancer awareness day at the coliseum. bottom of the fifth 2-1 as. they are just getting started. david dejesus at the plate. he is swinging and connecting. that's a single to left. play at the plate. miguel olivo. standing sturdy at the dish, can't handle the rocket.
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hideki matsui. dejesus scores 4-1 oakland. top of the ninth 8-5, ass. miguel olivo swinging hitting nothing. ass win 8-5. tennis, anyone? flushing meadows u.s. open style rafael nidal beat david nalbandy handily in sets. bandy in double faults giving nidal the win. after his win he cramped in post-match interview from the apparent leg cramp. he should be fine, though, for the fourth round. that will do it for sports. diane, back to you. >> all right. that looked like it hurt. poor guy. thanks a lot, damon. >> absolutely. >> thanks for choosing the bay area at 6:00. we've got the nbc fall preview coming up next. we've got warm weather coming up this week. >> yes, we do. starting tuesday. >> we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00. until then, have a good night.
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